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RExplorator is a tool for exploring RDF data by direct manipulation, as an extension of Explorator. RExplorator’s web interface follows Explorator's interface which allows users to explore a semi-structured RDF database to both gain knowledge and answer specific questions about a domain, through browsing, search, and exploration mechanisms. In addition, RExplorator allows users to

  • define operands in queries to be parameters
  • connect results of queries to parameters in other queries. Think of an inter-related set of queries as an Excel spreadsheet, where each cell is a query, and parameters are references to other cells.
  • save inter-related sets of queries as a "use-case" called workbench - like a tab in Excel. Parameters can refer to values in different workbenches.
  • define customized browsing interfaces to sets of queries
  • Import previously defined workbenches for reuse
  • Save workbenches for reuse later

Demo (Sandbox interface)

You can access a demo of Explorator here: (only for Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers)

Watch a demo (external site)

RExplorator Demo

The Tecweb Team

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