Web Engineering Laboratory

Synth is a development environment for building applications that are modeled according to SHDM. It provides a set of modules that receive, as input, models generated in each step of SHDM and produces, as output, the hypermedia application described by these models. Synth also provides an authoring environment that facilitates the adding and editing of these models through a GUI that can run on any web browser.

For more details see this publication.

You can download the current thesis dissertation (in Portuguese) here.

You can get the last version of Synth on our git repository at https://github.com/mauriciobomfim/synth.

With a git client, use:

$ git clone git://github.com/mauriciobomfim/synth.git

See the README file to know how to install Synth on your computer.


Here is a video demonstrating the new Interface Models in Synth.

The two videos below illustrate Synth's usage.
The first video shows an example application, from the end user's point of view. The second video shows how this application is built using Synth.

Demo application (2:25)

Using Synth to speficy the Demo application (7:32)